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Cream bra

Cream bra

$56.00 $38.00

Long wool pullover

Long wool pullover

$182.00 $174.80

Office trousers

Office trousers

$62.00 $32.00

Latest Reviews

I am glad I purchased the sample of the Leafs Out Micro Mesh Gutter System. I was so impressed I purchased 160 feet for my house.

Sue Harper (23/06/2014)


Don't waste your time and money with other gutter filters! This stainless steel micro-mesh screen does everything you are looking for. It keeps out everything, including small needles and even asphalt shingle grit. The leaf guard rounded type gutter filter not only doesn't keep out small leaves and needles, it makes it harder to clean them out once they are in there. The foam type (which I tried first, starts degrading and crumbling after about a year. Plus, squirrels pull it out looking for seeds and small nuts.

Peter Green (23/06/2014)


A little purchase before a big one. From everything that I have read, this is a good product. That said, I wanted to judge for myself how strong and how well it works so I ordered a sample. One of my big concerns was whether it could handle a snow load without deflecting or at least much. The ridges give it incredible strength. It will flex but the gutters will come off of...

Chris Brown (23/06/2014)

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